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Now coming into its third year, The WTBC is a truly international event, its reach extending beyond China to the USA, Hong Kong and for the first time it will be held in Australia at the Fine Food Trade fair in Melbourne. It has been encouraging to see the growing success of the
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SIAL Paris was found in 1964, a biennial exhibition, with a history of 50 years. Now, it has become the largest trade show in the global industry of food and beverage. Since 2000, SIAL has been transplanted in China guided by Internationalism, Professionalism and Trade. Emphasizing both import & export
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Cafe Culture International was founded for Australia Cafe Industry by Sean Edwards in 2001. Back to 2001, Sean was managing two self-owned cafes. In order to support the start-ups in industry and a platform to share experiences and information among fellow traders, he staged the very first professional coffee expo
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  Inaugurated in 2012, The AustralAsian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA) was inspired by a vision to create a thriving specialty tea industry in Australasia. AASTA is fulfilling this aim through the support and education of members, which include a diverse and growing number of Tea enthusiasts and educators, tea importers,

At Somage Fine Foods, we travel the world to source the best ingredients, grown by people with a passion for quality, and a genuine care for the people and the environment that supports them. We’ve searched the far reaches of the globe, discovering the finest cocoas and the purest organic
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